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A urology clinic in Schererville, Indiana, offers comprehensive healthcare to men and women suffering from conditions affecting the urinary tract, male reproductive system, and female reproductive system.

Why experience with top urologists matters:

When you need a quality urologist in Schererville, you can find one at Dr. Parikh’s Urology Clinic. He offers state-of-the-art treatment for patients with the following conditions: chronic kidney stones; kidney cancer; bladder cancer; prostate cancer and enlargement; premature ejaculation (ED); benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) or enlarged prostate disease; erectile dysfunction; infertility in men; as well as other related problems. If that sounds like it applies to you or someone you know, call us today!

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What services are offered at your local medical center?

Our urology clinic offers Schererville area residents a professional medical environment with outstanding urologists. Dr. Parikh is well-versed in all facets of urological care and can offer his expertise on the full spectrum of urologic disorders and surgery. He routinely performs vasectomies, endoscopic prostate exams (transrectal ultrasound) as well as erectile dysfunction evaluations with laboratory studies. He also has specialized training in bladder cancer management with advanced laparoscopic and minimally invasive surgical techniques for bladder cancer diagnosis and treatment.

Treatments available for conditions affecting men’s health:

Dr. Parikh’s experience and education have led him to specialize in the treatment of urological disorders that affect men. His training includes all areas of Urology from robotic surgery to Urinary Diversion to infertility counseling and treatment for erectile dysfunction. This clinic offers comprehensive treatments for urinary tract problems, infertility treatment for men and partners with female factor issues, male reproductive system disorder diagnosis, and treatments.

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For ED Treatment we offer oral medications and vacuum devices but also offer penile injection therapy (Alprostadil) injections if patients prefer this route of treatment. For surgical treatments, our practice uses a minimally invasive technique known as Laparoscopic or Robotic Surgery which is associated with significantly shorter recovery time and decreased risk of infection compared to traditional open surgery techniques.

The importance of early detection:

Many patients are unaware that early detection is the key to fighting prostate cancer. Some men do not go in for regular checkups and might miss the signs of their cancer. We want to make sure that men in Schererville are well informed about all their prostate health options. This includes everything from taking a family history to being tested for common diseases, such as HIV and prostate cancer.

Conditions affecting women’s health:

Nearly every adult has a urinary tract. The urinary tract is part of the body’s drainage system for removing urine from the body. There are three parts to the urinary tract:
Urinary Incontinence affects more than 100 million people in the United States.

Conditions treated by our physicians:

Our team of urologists offers a wide range of treatments for kidney stones, bladder problems, and male infertility. We are also the only clinic in our area to offer robotic prostate surgery.
In addition to surgical procedures, we offer all forms of diagnostic testing from catheterization to urine analysis. Whether you’re looking for an annual screening or want to get a little more involved with your healthcare options, let us be your partner in health.

What should you do if you find out you have an issue?

If you have an issue with your bladder or the male reproductive system, please contact our office in Schererville and make an appointment. Call us at (219) 937-2224 to set up a consultation and we will get you started on your road to recovery. Don’t live in the area? No problem! We also offer out-of-town consultations if that is more convenient for you. You can also use our online form to get a prescription from one of our specialists if that’s what you need.

Prostate cancer treatment options:

At Preferred Women’s Healthcare and Urogynecology Center of NWI, we provide quality care to patients from Schererville, Crown Point, and the surrounding area. As part of our commitment to our patients and their health care needs, we offer a wide range of urogynecology services from pelvic reconstruction surgery to bladder incontinence treatments. Call us today for more information about what we can do for you.

Urogynecology care offered by experienced physicians:

No matter what kind of gynecological condition you’re dealing with, our doctors are committed to providing compassionate and experienced care. We treat each patient as an individual and take the time to get to know them and their medical history. In our office, we have an understanding that every woman is different. Therefore, doctors work with patients to provide quality care tailored specifically for them.

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