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When do you need a translation of your British driving license? Where can you get with an international driver’s license? When does a foreign driving license have to be translated to drive in UK? Who translates your driver’s license? We answer these and other questions about translating your driving license here!

Do you have a British or EU driving license and want to drive abroad?

With your British or EU driver’s license, you can drive anywhere in the European Union and in the so-called European Economic Area (EEA; Liechtenstein, Iceland, Norway).You don’t need a translation for this. An international driver’s license also allows you to drive in this region.

It is different if you are traveling outside the EU or the EEA. Since the EU driver’s license is not multilingual, you will need a driver’s license translation in some states. Alternatively, you can get further in many places with an international driver’s license, which you have to apply for separately. Many states will allow you to drive if you can show your international and national driver’s license.

You should also know this about the driver’s license translation for foreign countries: A certified English translation of your EU driver’s license is valid in almost all countries with the official language English, including the USA, Canada, South Africa, Namibia and Australia, as a practical alternative to an officially issued one International driver’s license. The advantage here is that the translated and certified driver’s license is valid as long as your original driver’s license!

Do you have a foreign driving license and want to drive in UK?

If you have a foreign driver’s license and want to drive in UK, you should know that your EU driver’s license or your driver’s license from an EEA state entitles you to do so. As a rule, this does not have to be translated.

Your driver’s license does not come from an EU country or from the EEA? Then you usually need a certified translation of your national driver’s license and/or an international driver’s license to drive in UK. Good to know: You can drive in UK without a translation if you have a driving license from Andorra, Hong Kong, Monaco, New Zealand, San Marino, Switzerland and Senegal.

Would you like to have your foreign driving license translated by translation agency Manchester? As a professional translation agency, we would be happy to do this for you!

Are you relocating to Manchester from abroad and want to drive in Manchester?

With your driver’s license from a non-EU country, you may drive no more than six months after you have taken up regular residence in Manchester(the so-called transitional period). You are then obliged to have this foreign driver’s license converted into a British driver’s license. Otherwise your foreign driver’s license will lose its validity. For you, this might mean that you drive through Manchester without a driving licence. If you are caught doing so, you must expect a fine. According to the ADAC, only driving licenses from Liechtenstein, Iceland and Norway are exempt from this regulation.

Are you relocating to London, want to have your driver’s license translated and need a driver’s license classification?

A British driver’s license (driving license) is required so that you can (continue to) drive after you have established your residence in London and after the transition period just mentioned has expired. In order to get these, you need to have your foreign documents translated. It is important that you know that the British driver’s license, like all EU driver’s licenses, is divided into so-called vehicle classes.

This classification indicates which vehicle or vehicles you are allowed to drive, including a car, motorcycle or bus. It may be that your foreign driving license from a non-EU country does not classify vehicles that you are allowed to drive in this way. Then you need such a classification so that your foreign driving license can be transferred. It is best to inquire in advance with the competent authority whether you only need to have your foreign driving license translated or also have it classified .

Where can you get a driving license translated in UK?

In this country you have various contact points to have your driving license translated . For example, accept this service

  • British automobile club
  • Translators appointed and generally sworn by a British court,
  • captains of British seagoing vessels,
  • Internationally recognized automobile clubs in the country that issued the driving licence
  • and official bodies of the issuing state of the driver’s license.

Where can you have a foreign driving license classified in UK?

The British automobile clubs, for example, will also help you classify your driver’s license . Translation service providers sometimes also offer this service. It’s best to ask specifically about it!

As a translation agency, we produce both simple and certified driver’s license translations – just as required by the respective offices and authorities in London and abroad.

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