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You know the deal, you have had a long and stressful day at work, your muscles are knotted, and tense and you need to relax; so, what do you do? You go see the person who has magic hands and can make all your stress go away, your local massage therapist. But where do you go to find the best massage centre in Islamabad? Well look no further than this list of the top ten best massage centres in Islamabad. This list has been designed to help you find a good quality massage that won’t break the bank but will also give you the relaxing experience that you deserve.

9 Best Massage Centres in Islamabad

If you’re looking for the best massage centres in Islamabad, there are many options to choose from. This list will help guide you to some of the best places and help narrow down your search. A good place to start would be with a Thai style massage centre called Punjab Kneads which offers an excellent range of massages and is conveniently located near Blue Area and Faisal Mosque.

For those who are looking for something more luxurious, a must-try is Amethysts, which offers day spa services including facials and foot care. Another great place is Footprints, which specializes in reflexology massages and foot treatments.

1) Scents Salon and Spa

Looking to pamper yourself a little? Why not head to Scents Salon and Spa, one of the best massage centres in Islamabad. They offer a variety of services such as facials, mani-pedis, waxing, hair treatments and more.

If you’re looking for an all-inclusive experience with personalized attention from start to finish, this is your place. With availability seven days a week, you can set up appointments at your convenience! Treatments take place in comfortable private rooms with soothing music and friendly staff.

Visit their website today to learn more about how they can help make you feel like a new person!

2) Midnight Oil Massage & Nail Bar

Midnight Oil is one of the best massage centres in Islamabad. Located near Kashmir Point, they offer a variety of massages and an unmatched customer service experience. They have a very clean and well-maintained environment with excellent prices. We do not charge extra for any requests which are done within our treatment plan and offer monthly memberships to make your life easier. Our friendly staff will take care of you from the moment you enter to the time you leave, ensuring that your experience at Midnight Oil is nothing short of perfect.

This may be one of Karachi’s newest massage centres, but it has been named by many as one of the best in town!

3) Pearl Palace

Pearl Palace is one of the best massage centres in Islamabad. It offers a wide range of massages, beauty treatments and therapies. The place is impeccably clean, relaxing, and peaceful. They offer different types of massage like Swedish, Thai, Aroma oil massage, Deep tissue etc. The ambiance is so soothing that you feel like you’re floating on a cloud while you’re there. The staff are very courteous and professional too. They cater to everyone from children to adults to elderly people with all kinds of ailments from back pain to arthritis. If you have been looking for a good quality massage centre, then Pearl Palace should be your first choice!

4) Glamour Lounge & Barber Shop

When you want to get pampered, head on over to one of our Top 10 Best Massage Centres in Islamabad – Glamour Lounge & Barber Shop. We have a wide variety of massages available including relaxation, sports, and deep tissue. With this amount of choice, it’s hard to know where to start, but one thing is for sure – we’ll leave your skin feeling glowing and happy! If you don’t feel like getting a massage just yet, then opt for a relaxing facial or waxing treatment. Do not forget about your hair as well! Here at our salon, we offer men’s cuts, women’s cuts, and hair treatments such as rebounding, perms and colour treatments.

5) Tasha’s Beauty Parlour

Tasha’s Beauty Parlour is one of the best massage centres in Islamabad. They offer a wide variety of services and are open all day, so there’s never a time when you can’t get pampered at this spa. The environment is very relaxing and perfect for those who want to escape from the everyday stresses of life. You can choose from a list of different treatments, like Swedish massage or Thai massage, or even create your own personalized treatment. The staff are always happy to accommodate your needs and provide customer service that goes above and beyond expectations.

6) Bazaar Bay Luxury Salon and Spa

Bazaar Bay Luxury Salon and Spa is one of the best massage centres in Islamabad. The ambience is luxurious and relaxing, which makes this place a great destination to go to after a long day or just to relax. They have a variety of services that include body scrubs, head massages, reflexology, manicure, pedicure, hair treatments and more. They also offer some beauty treatments such as facials and eyebrow waxing that you can’t find at other places. This is a wonderful place to go if you want to feel pampered without breaking your bank account!

7) The Refinery Salon

The Refinery Salon is a Best Massage Centre in Islamabad. Our goal is to provide you with a luxurious and relaxing experience that leaves you feeling rejuvenated and refreshed. We specialize in Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, hot stone therapy, and more. All of our therapists are highly trained experts who want nothing more than to see you feel better.

At The Refinery Salon, we understand how busy your life can be which is why we offer appointments between 7am-10pm so you can schedule a session that works with your schedule. We also offer online booking so you can make an appointment from the comfort of your own home!

8) Chill By Arsalan Haidery

Health, beauty, and well-being are important aspects of life. We should focus on these areas as much as we do on our careers and studies. Luckily, there are many places where you can go to enjoy a massage or spa treatment. At Top 10 Best Massage Centres in Islamabad, you will find everything from body massages to reflexology sessions. All their therapists are trained experts with years of experience working with various ailments. Some locations offer facials and nail care too. They have a variety of services like Indian Head Massage Therapy, Swedish Massage Therapy, Thai Massage Therapy, Shiatsu Bodywork Therapy etc.

Best Massage Centres in Islamabad ensures customer satisfaction by providing affordable rates with high quality service. There is always someone available to accommodate your busy schedule, so you don’t have to worry about missing out on treatments just because your schedule is hectic! Plus, if you ever want an additional massage session, they offer discounts! It’s like getting two massages for the price of one!

9) Urbanz Hair Boutique Lahore

Urbanz Hair Boutique is one of the top 10 best massage centres in Islamabad that is perfect to go glamorous at. After all, who doesn’t want a mini-vacation once and while? Located on 6, Block 5 Fatima Jinnah Colony, it has so many wonderful features including being close to IGI airport with free Wi-Fi, having no kids’ policy so you can relax and get pampered with friends and family alike, as well as loads of talented hair stylists ready to take care of your needs. The service you can expect is excellent; not only are their staff professional but their commitment to serving clients goes beyond haircuts. Get more details about Urbanz Hair Boutique on our blog!

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