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Why are organic foods so expensive?

Organic food is generally more expensive than conventional food, but this is not always the case. There are exceptions, however, and some cost as much or less than conventional products. The most common cheap organic foods are coffee, cereals, bread, and hamburgers. The demand for real food continues to grow, but the supply continues to increase. As supply tries to catch up with demand, prices will change dramatically. If the gap between supply and demand narrows, prices will fall. Organic food production is characterized by high costs.

First of all, organic farming is a new industry for which there is no government-subsidized legislation yet, so all production costs are added to the selling price. Farmers also have to take care of the environmental rehabilitation necessary to maintain certification. Organic farming requires a longer cycle, more work, and stricter management than conventional farming. In addition, organic farmers are generally smaller and have limited income potential. This small size is necessary for effective soil fertility management.

Is organic food more nutritious than conventional food?

One of the most debated questions about organic products is their nutritional value. Indeed, to date, it has not been established whether real food is more nutritious. The problem is that the explanation is very complex and difficult to understand, as many factors must be taken into account. However, recent studies have shown that real food contains more vitamins, minerals, secondary plant substances, and antioxidants. This is thought to be due to the fact that the plants are grown naturally, without the use of chemical fertilizers or pesticides.

Do organic vegetables taste good?

Taste is an important factor in food and in determining what is organic. However, it is not possible to answer this question in a general way, as it is highly dependent on personal preferences. However, recent tests and statistics show that more and more cooks are turning to organic ingredients on a daily basis. Studies also show that consumers are following a similar trend.

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