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Louvre screens are one of the oldest window designs and have become a sophisticated and elegant element of modern-day homes. They add an architectural presence to the room while creating a comfy and secure ambience. These versatile and stylish screens naturally ventilate your home, conserve energy, and operate easily.

What are Louvre Screens?

Louvre screens consist of parallel slats running across the windows horizontally or vertically. When the slats are closed, they rest against the frame. Once opened, slats sit ajar at an angle. It lets light and air enter the room while keeping noise, direct sunshine, and rain out.

You can adjust the angle stats manually with a handle or lever. Many homeowners are choosing to install them with insulated roofing panels in Melbourne.

Why is Louvre Screen a Popular Choice Among Homeowners? 

Louvre screens have become one of the popular choices for home renovation and building. Let’s analyse the reasons for its popularity.

1. Airflow and Sunlight

Louvre shade screens allow light and air to enter your house easily. You can enjoy natural sunlight without exposing yourself to the harsh Sun. It promotes airflow and circulation while keeping your room fresh and comfortable. You can easily accomplish maximum airflow as the slats open across the screen’s width. The screen can be installed at any height, even high up, for ventilation in rooms with a higher ceiling.

2. Energy-Efficient

Louvre shade screens will not only be a sleek element in your home but will also help lower energy consumption. They are ideal for living rooms, laundry rooms, and bathrooms. In addition, it will keep your home fresh and cool. When installed with insulated roofing panels, it minimises the heat escape in winter and heat entry in summer. Thus, reducing your need for artificial heating and cooling system and saving money on a utility bill down the road.

3. Excellent Choice for Above Ground-Level Windows

Louvre shade screens are a popular choice for above-ground-level windows. It maximises the ventilation inside your home and ensures your kids are safe. Turn off your air conditioners and enjoy the gentle breeze with your family. You can customise the screen as per your necessity.

4. Privacy 

Louvre shade screens also add a privacy element to your house. They can be opened at a particular angle to maintain privacy without compromising ventilation. Thus, making them an ideal choice for bedrooms and bathrooms.

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