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If you have been on the internet, you might have come across the address which will lead you to a site named PISO WIFI. But why is that? What is PISO WIFI about and what do they offer for this website? Let’s see what is so special about PisoWifi and why should we pause our internet connection here, log in and log out from there as well as use all possible features here.

What is 10.0.01 Piso Wifi?

10.0.01 Piso Wifi is a new wifi network that you can use in malls and commercial establishments, such as restaurants and cafes. It’s a free service and it has the same features as other public networks.

With 10.0.01 Piso Wifi, you can connect to the internet and send text messages on your phone or tablet via the app of your choice (WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, etc.).

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10.0.01 Piso Wifi is available in many stores and restaurants around Spain, including McDonald’s restaurants and Starbucks coffee shops. You’ll see this logo in many places where you can enjoy 10 minutes of free internet access:

What are the features of Piso wifi?

10.0.01 Piso Wifi Features

Free Internet Access: This is the main feature of 10.0.01 Piso wifi because it provides free internet access to all Filipinos across the country without having to pay anything at all! The only thing that you need is a smartphone or tablet with a data connection, which means you don’t need to spend any money for using this service!

No Registration Required: There are no registration requirements needed for using 10.0.01 Piso wifi because it’s completely free for everyone! You just need to download the app from Google Play Store or Apple App Store, then launch it on your smartphone or tablet and wait until your device connects to its nearest tower station automatically!

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How To Login into 10.0.01 Piso Wifi?

10.0.01 Piso wifi login process is very simple and easy, you just need to follow the below steps to get started:

1: Open “10.0.01 Piso wifi Login Page” on your browser

2: Enter your mobile number, password, and country code in the respective fields

3: Click on the “Sign Up” button to enter into the application

4: Check your email inbox for the verification link and click on it to complete the registration.


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