Cardboard printing is becoming increasingly popular as it gives brands the freedom to make their packaging unique and stunning. There’s no need to use those old brown boxes anymore if you want a brighter future for your business. However, it helps if you use printing to make your custom rigid boxes useful for your business. However, it’s an easy to use and responsive printable theme with a unique layout and eye-catching illustrations in your box.

Brands print their packaging with brand elements such as slogans and logos to derive marketing benefits from the packaging. Plus, thanks to advanced box printing options such as offset, digital, and screen printing, it’s easy to print your packaging with beautiful and inspiring gradients and pastels. You can use color models like CMYK and PMS to print your packaging with the graphics you want.

Use of Latest Printing Techniques

Brands have new ways to promote their business and the products they create. One of these beneficial ways is celebrity approval. This option gives you celebrity endorsements by explaining the details and specifications of your item to your target audience. Unfortunately, providing a promotional video featuring a celebrity is very expensive. In this context, brands can use custom rigid packaging boxes to print celebrity images on their packaging for promotional purposes. That is easy; To do this, you need to use the suitable options and make the right judgments.

Selection of Printing Method

Choosing the correct printing technique is very important for boosting the appeal of your custom printed packaging boxes. Without effective printing techniques, you can never get high-quality celebrity images on your packaging. Fortunately, there are many printing options in a dedicated package. So familiarize yourself with these options and find out which type best suits your printing needs. First on the list is offset printing. It is inexpensive and can work perfectly with CMYK color schemes. Next is digital printing, the most widely used in the packaging industry. It can produce perfect results for CMYK and PMS color models and is also suitable for printing images on box surfaces. However, screen printing is also a reliable option if you want mass printing.


Use of High-Definition Images

No matter how many advanced printing methods you use to print your personalized rigid packaging box, you won’t get better results if the image quality isn’t excellent. There is no distortion in the image you use. Then it’s about displaying the image on a custom grid. Think of ideas that contain a high DPI value. These images can be quickly combined with any printing method and provide better presentation results to your audience. Using high-quality images is like making promotional videos with celebrities in real-time. So, make sure you never compromise on the image’s resolution when printing it on the box by all means.

Printable Packaging Type

If you look at the standard types of packaging, you will see that they are challenging to print in many ways. It makes sense to use custom magnetic closure boxes of kraft, cardboard, and corrugated cardboard. These materials reliably demonstrate quality results for printing technology. What image do you use for your celebrity of choice? Find the results you want quickly with these boxes. In addition, various customized options in terms of design, shape and size in this package help you present your chosen photo more creatively and distinctively. The quality of this packaging is why brands accept printed boxes in large quantities.

Use Trending Celebrities Images on Boxes

Nowadays, people pay more attention to what is happening in the social media platform space nowadays. They enjoy watching what their favorite fashion stars are doing. Therefore, targeting these celebrities to promote your brand or product is a reliable option. Ask the star to take a picture of using or handling your product and place the picture on the surface of your rigid packaging box. These images will help your audience judge whether your brand and products are reliable and unique in the market. Make sure you target celebrities in your target audience. It is because celebrities can vary from place to place.

Coatings and Laminations for Custom Boxes

Adding celebrity images to the surface of product packaging is not enough. It can be helpful to ensure that the images are of the highest quality when your customers view your packaging. To do this, you should focus on the use of finishing technology. This finishing technique effectively enhances images by protecting them from scratches, smudges, grease and the elements. Available in several finishes: smudge-free laminate, matte finish, glossy finish and outer wax. They all have different characteristics and advantages. For example, smudge-free lamination can make printed packaging and images resistant to fingerprints.

In the same way, a matte finish protects your image quality and resolution from harmful rays. So make sure you use this finishing technique to get a good print. With the advent of custom rigid boxes, it has become easier to use box printing options for almost any brand. Printing is a tool that allows companies to creatively and distinctively showcase their valuables with the packaging of their products. The best advice is always to place a celebrity image in your box and use this environment when you want to attract customers’ attention to your presentation.