When I purchase music from iTunes, they do not include the lyrics in the ID3 tags. I found it inconvenient. I love having lyrics along the way and listing music on my I Phone. It’s nice to have lyrics so you can sing along whenever you want. There are many programs that can search for Lyrics in Google and automatically add them to ID3 Tags.

However, all these programs have disadvantages compared to Free MP3 Lyrics Adder:

Build as an unofficial plug-in for iTunes. This may seem like a convenient way to download and import lyrics directly from iTunes. However, because plugging are not officially supported, plugins fail every time iTunes changes. It is also very buggy.

You have to pay for it: my easy opinion is the price everyone agrees on. That’s why the Lyric MP3 adder / downloader is free to use

Lyrics are not available for download.TXT.

Most plugins just download the lyrics and put them in ID3 tags. You can only view them on iTunes or any other program that supports lyrics. This feature is supported by Mooi Quae Software’s MP3 Importer.

The Free Lyric MP3 Add-on is absolutely free to use and constantly evolving. There is one downside to this. Some lyrics are not available. This only happens with remixes by artists and shouldn’t be a big deal. Are you just a lover of music and lyrics like me? Then this software is really something you should try. It’s free, works fast, and is fully automated.

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