spliced o-rings

Spliced O rings are made of two or more pieces of material that are fused together. These parts can be fabricated in a variety of ways. One common method is using PTFE. Another method is using Viton or Neoprene. Either method will work, but it may be more expensive than a standard O-ring. However, spliced O rings can reduce the cost of custom-made O-rings.

EMI spliced o rings

EMC-spliced O rings offer a multitude of advantages over traditional molded O-rings. They are versatile, low-cost, and made of various materials. Kismet Rubber Products is one manufacturer that specializes in premium-quality EMI-spliced O-rings. To find out more about EMI-spliced O-rings, contact us today!

Unlike vulcanization, cold bonding does not involve heat. A non-conductive adhesive is applied to both ends of the cord. This technique eliminates the need for compression molding, and can reduce lead times and overall costs. Because skilled workers can cold-bond 200 to 400-piece-per-shift, the cost per part can be kept to a minimum. However, cold-bonding also poses the risk of improper EMI shielding if improperly spliced.


PTFE spliced O rings are used in many dynamic applications and are available in both metric and standard sizes. They are manufactured from PTFE, silicon, polyurethane, and Viton(r). The different types of PTFE O-rings are molded, spliced, cord, and encapsulated. O-rings are also available in metric and standard widths.

PTFE spliced O rings are ideal for sealing applications because they exhibit excellent chemical resistance. They are excellent backup rings, due to their resistance to most chemicals. The encapsulated material enables a consistent compression on the seal. The overall compression of a PTFE O-Ring increases as the medium pressure increases. Since a PTFE O-Ring is highly viscous, pressure exerted on it is transmitted in all directions.


The durability of Viton spliced o-rings is unmatched by their nitrile counterparts. Despite the price difference, these seals are better suited for high-temperature applications, chemical resistance, and longer life spans. In addition, they reduce maintenance and unscheduled downtime. Here’s why:

Known as FKM, these spliced O-rings have a wide range of chemical and ozone resistance. They are made from synthetic hydraulic fluids, and are resistant to heat, petroleum products, and ozone. And they’re American-made, too, which means you’ll get a product that’s made to last. Viton spliced o rings are a great choice for a wide variety of applications, from food processing to outdoor cellular telecommunications.


Chloroprene, also known as neoprene, is a synthetic elastomer. It has excellent resistance to ammonia, chemicals, sunlight, and ozone. It is also tough and cost-effective. For these reasons, Neoprene o-rings are popular in refrigeration. Listed below are some of the applications for these o-rings.

For the best performance, it is recommended to select a custom-manufacturer. O-rings manufactured in this way are anti-static, hydrophilic, and have a high-temperature range. Additionally, secondary services include micro-cutting and surface polishing. These characteristics are vital for a successful seal in a variety of applications. These qualities make Kismet a perfect partner when sourcing your neoprene spliced o-rings.


Haltec spliced O rings are made from a unique blend of rubber, which meets or exceeds the specifications of many major OE manufacturers. Each o-ring is made to meet specific requirements and has been tested for tensile strength and elongation. They are an important component in many successful applications. Haltec spliced O rings are available in a variety of sizes, styles, and materials.

The vulcanization process combines a special rubber compound with pressure and heat to create an o-ring. This process produces a high-quality ring that passes all OE specifications, including high and low-temperature resistance, elongation, and compression set. OE approved by most major automakers and a trusted source by other auto manufacturers, Haltec O-Rings are an excellent choice.

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