Instagram is a larger social media videos and photos sharing platform that has a large number of fans. With over 1 billion people, this app lets us look through pictures and even videos of other users across the globe.

If we see a photo or video we like, we may need to download it. But, Instagram isn’t able to permit downloads downloaded from its platform.

Instagram picture and video downloading tool. Although there’s no option, that doesn’t mean that we won’t be able to download our favorite Instagram photos or videos. Third-party apps are available. Below is an overview of suggested Instagram video download apps available for Android.

BulletSaver | Video Downloader

When we find an interesting video, we’d like to save the clip on Instagram and share it immediately. What is the best application which can do this?BulletSaver has an app that provides this feature.

This app is made to work with all devices that we own, and in just one click, the video will be downloaded. The greatest benefit of the app is that it allows videos to be downloaded instantly without having to ask to be stored. This app saves you time.


The app allows users to install IGTV and copy tag information from Instagram. It’s just a single click on Instagram. The video will be distributed instantly. In the meantime, we can repost videos we have downloaded previously.

2. Regrann Social-Repost for Instagram 

Regrann is a different application that can be used for downloading videos off Instagram and permits us to share photos from other users’ Instagram. Additionally, it will not put a watermark on the image. Videos and photos downloaded can be reposted directly.

To be able to post, you can choose “Copy URL,” and we’ll obtain the image we desire. There’s Regrann Pro, the Regrann Pro application, which has additional features, such as the ability to schedule uploads based on our requirements.

Regrann is among the most effective applications to save Instagram videos. It comes with intriguing features, like no in-app purchases, enabling or deactivating watermarks, and enabling or disabling watermarks depending on our preferences, and the ability to repost images and videos without leaving the app.

FastSave for Instagram

If we wish to download and save images and videos on Instagram on our smartphones, there is an app known as Photo and Video Downloader on Instagram. This application is designed for users looking for special features and is among the most popular Instagram images and video downloader apps.

With this application, we can download images and videos that belong to any user on Instagram using a few simple and simple steps. To download Instagram images and videos, all we need to do is copy the URL for the upload we wish to download and paste it into this application.


The application is lightweight, with a file size of just 10MB. Its capabilities include saving and downloading YouTube videos on a free basis and downloading HD videos and images for no cost. It also has an inbuilt player that allows users to view Instagram videos we download.

 Estudio App QuickSave for Instagram

Another excellent app to download Instagram material can be the QuickSave app for Instagram. It allows us to enjoy all images and videos stored in the best quality. It is different from other apps. Quick Save comes with the ability to edit photos to enhance photos.

This editing feature will improve the image’s look and alter the photo’s appearance following our preferences. Through Quick Save, it’s possible to share images and create images. You can even share directly via Instagram. This app is rapid, and you will receive photos and videos in a relatively brief amount of time.

 Instore: Story Saver Video Downloader for Instagram

The app is simple, light, and easy to download and use. It is also possible to use Story Saver and a video downloader on Instagram for downloading pictures or videos you like from Insta you. You can also access it offline.

A couple of new features provided by Story Saver and the Video Downloader available for Instagram includes Instagram Reels downloader, Story saver that allows users to view and save a display image or Instagram bio DP, and more.


 Video Downloader for Instagram(Video player & Editor)

Video downloader on Instagram Story Saver will allow you to save photos, videos, Reels, Stories, or highlights on Instagram and IGTV on your smartphone. Paste the link or upload it via the app, and the video, photo, or Story will be downloaded automatically. This app is completely free and simple to use.

8. bluesaver – Vid Savefrom net

Intake The Image & Video Downloader to Instagram is an application that allows you to save IG images, IG videos, and IG reels with ease. To date, Intake is used by over 1 million Android users.

The application size is very small and is just 3MB, which means it doesn’t occupy lots of memory. It’s simple to use; copy the IG image or video and launch the application.


9. Downloader for Instagram Video(media download studio)

Downloader on Instagram: Photo and Video Saver lets you download images and videos using Instagram hyperlinks. By copying video and image URLs and then pasting them into the application, it will download the images and videos and save these to your phone, post them on Instagram and share them with friends on Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks.

The features provided by the app are that it does not require users to sign in before using the app, IGTV downloader and IGTV share the downloader for Story and Highlight, streaming videos offline using its built-in player many more.

10. Story Saver for Instagram Video Downloader Instore

With this application, you can download Instagram videos and photos without signing in to Instagram. From downloading videos on Instagram, the application can also be utilized to save stories. Extra features are Hashtag as well as best Caption Generator.

You can also use the share feature within Instagram to share photos or videos using this application.

What you need to do to access this app is simple. Copy the URL on Instagram to paste into Story Saver in Instagram video downloader Instore. After that, click ‘download’ to download the app. After that, Instore will automatically retrieve the URL. Click ‘download’ it.

We don’t have to worry anymore about how we wish to download images and videos uploaded by Instagram. These apps provide the user with an easy way to download IG videos and photos. You can also repost others’ Instagram videos and photos with the listed applications. But, be sure to be granted permission by the account’s owner before downloading their pictures or videos or reposting them.