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Over time, a well-optimized site experiences greater traffic, which generates more leads and revenues. Consumers might not locate a site without appropriate SEO, meaning all the effort put into building a website is for nothing. 

There may be occasions when SEO tactics don’t seem to work, despite your best efforts and even employing a SEO agency. Keep in mind that SEO and getting a high ranking require persistence and time. 

Check out these seven things that could be preventing you from succeeding with SEO before starting to improve the website.

1. Compromised Accessibility

The URL is the first factor used to rank a website. Google bots visit a website and scan its content by crawling the page address. 

A site needs to be coded correctly, have a robots.txt file that instructs Google where to look for the site’s information, and a sitemap that lists all the pages on the site in order to be helpful to these bots.

2. Slow Page Speed

Every additional second that a website takes to load results in a 4.42% reduction in conversion rate. One of the major problems that prevents a site from succeeding in SEO is a slow page speed. Google prefers fast-loading websites over those that take a while to load because it wants to provide users with a rapid browsing experience.

Page speed is the topic of a Google search engine algorithm upgrade that began affecting websites in 2018. Google may penalize a website if it doesn’t load quickly on mobile devices. 

A mobile testing tool from Google is available to determine how quickly a website loads. In order to increase the site’s ranking, get in touch with the top SEO For Real Estate Investors.

3. Bad Backlinks

Due to Google’s usage of backlinks to assess the quality and relevance of a website’s content, backlinks are extremely important for a site’s search engine ranking. 

Bad practices include adding links in low-standard article directories, guest blogs, and comment spam. Google is aware that their purpose in being is to influence SERPs by tricking the bots. If a website does not adhere to strict backlinking requirements, Google may penalize it.

Writing valuable, informative material as a guest blogger on domains with high domain authority is the best strategy to obtain high-quality backlinks. A guest post with some high-quality content will be gladly accepted by a platform that leads the industry.

4. Non-Optimised Page Titles

Google uses a site’s keywords and overall SEO composition to determine its rating. Page titles are particularly important to Google since they summarize the entire content of a webpage in a limited number of characters. 

The main keyword ought to be in the page title. Because it determines the relevance of the search query, it raises the site’s ranking and click-through rate.

5. Insecure Site

Another important ranking element that Google takes into account is site security. A website that begins with HTTPS:// is secure and always ranks higher on search engine results pages. In addition, moving to a secure site enhances traffic referral data, enables visitor tracking, and boosts customer confidence.

6. Unpleasant User Experience

If a website is successful in drawing traffic, its bounce rate may be excessive if it does not provide users anything worthwhile and instead makes them feel unwelcome. A site that has a greater bounce rate is less deserving of a high SERP ranking. 

The user experience depends on a number of elements, including the similar articles tab, reviews platform, and video transcription. As a result, it needs to load quickly, have a consistent CTA, be mobile-responsive, and have visually appealing design and color schemes.

7. Hiring a Bad SEO Agency

Without engaging an SEO agency, a company cannot attain a high search engine ranking. However, the field is full of con artists. Through the use of black-hat SEO strategies, they attempt to affect Google SERPs.

Such SEO tactics, however, are transient and may have negative repercussions and penalties. As an alternative, examining references, reviews, and case studies is a great approach to choose the best agency. The secret is to work with a company that adds true value to the website without being deceptive.

It’s apparent to expect immediate SEO benefits, but that’s not how it works. It takes time and persistent effort to rank well in SEO. A company can maximize its SEO investment by avoiding the factors listed above.

To get a website to the top, it’s important to choose the best SEO agency with the appropriate tools and methods.

To Wrap It All Up

Making sure you have a solid knowledge of your plan and how you intend to implement it from the outset is the major objective of the entire process. Once your approach and objectives are clear, you can start putting your preferred on- and off-site improvements into practice.

A genuinely good SEO campaign must be carefully managed and continually optimized for the greatest outcomes, which is a crucial point to keep in mind. SEO is a continuous process.

It is the long-term approach in action, and it could seem overwhelming if you don’t have the time to finish everything you want to. 

It can be very helpful to have the assistance of your top SEO company for ongoing SEO work. We at Ranking chief help companies of all sizes and across all sectors with their SEO. Contact us to talk about how we might work together.

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