Preschools are the first formal institutions children attend, and preparing them for the same can be challenging. For instance, they might find it difficult to follow a routine or maintain discipline in school. Thus, parents must prepare them for preschool. Here are a few ways to help you: 


Visit the school together.

Kids visiting preschools can get cranky as they are used to always seeing you. Moreover, the new place can scare them. Hence, it would be best to take your child to school for the first few days. Remember, they would be more confident if you accompanied them. Hence, dropping off and picking up kids preschool can be a great idea. 


Follow a routine at home.

Every Ahmedabad international school or elsewhere follows a strict routine. Following this can be challenging if you do not help them practice it at home. It would be best if parents made a routine for their children. For instance, ensure they eat, study and sleep according to the routine. 

Following a routine at home can help children do the same in school. Remember, kids learn discipline in preschool, and you must teach them to follow these rules at home. 


Share your school experiences.

Children love to listen to stories, especially of elders. You can share your school experiences and challenges to help kids realize they are not the only ones facing such difficulties. 

Sharing your experiences can also help your child learn how to cope in school and various situations. Remember, they might initially find adjusting to other students challenging, but your stories can motivate them. 


Teach the basics at home

Preschools teach children the basics of various subjects. For instance, they teach children reading and writing alphabets, numbers, etc. If your child finds it challenging to cope with these new topics, it would be best to begin beforehand. 

Parents can teach children the alphabets and numbers to help them cope with preschool classes. Doing this would help your child stay prepared even before they walk into a preschool. 


Reward them

It is vital to reward or appreciate your children for their hard work. Make sure you recognize their efforts. Remember, not recognizing their actions can make them reluctant to try and perform better. 

Keep small rewards, like a bar of tiny chocolate, or some extra play time, once they achieve their daily goals. Doing this can motivate children and find studies interesting. 



While preschool ushers in a new chapter for children, parents also experience several changes. For instance, they must adapt to their child’s schedule and be more available to help them with their difficulties. The points mentioned above can help parents prepare their kids for preschool and ensure they adjust to the new place seamlessly. 

Remember that your child will need your encouragement, protection, and direction to succeed in life. Hence, ensure you follow the guide mentioned above to help your child cope with the changing environment. 


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